Welcome to my little ramble corner for things I like. You may be wondering where I got the name- its really just something that stuck after I used it on tumblr a while back.

Around 2016 or so, I wasn't really sticking with any one name online. On tumblr, it was common to have "canon URLs" aka, URLs that were exact to a thing that you liked (character name, series name, location from a thing, etc). I was hopping around all kinds of URLs due to that and eventually changed it from what it was to "coffini".

The word comes from an episode of Regular Show, the season 7 finale episode. During it, Mordecai goes out of his way to try and get a fictional soda called Coffini. It's a coffee soda.

So there's a little bit of trivia for you. I just happened to use that word as my tumblr url for some time, until I picked up my own original name... The shows and episode are one of my favorites and it felt appropriate to reference something I liked when I brought up this page again.