Well, hi, been a hot minute since I did anything site related. But one thing I have done is moved Coffini Outlet to its own subdomain, thus making it a seperate website from my main site, morrysillusion. Which will make my site organization MUCH more bearable for me to handle as I make more stuff.

Due to down things were coded, everything on this new page should work fine.... But please let me know via email (mk@morrysillusion.net) or tumblr (morrysillusion) if there is a problem. Or on my site's profile on neocities too.

As I write this, I will note that all old links on my main site's changelog wont redirect. I will need to figure out how redirecting works for the old URL... but yeah going forward, you will find everything under "outlet.morrysillusion.net". why not... coffini.morrysillion.net? While I like the name Coffini Outlet, I wanted to avoid having a word for a thing that appears in a TV show in my actual URL, juuuust in case.