This is an interesting blog as it isn't a review or anything. I have been spending my time playing Eidolon, a game that inspired me many years ago and kickstarted my ideas to make my current story world. But I never actually finished it. with over 150 documents to collect in the vast map, and being a shitty gamer back then, it just didn't happen. I haven't touched that game since 2015-2016 and I wanted badly to replay it and remember what I loved, and to finish it for real.

I would love to make a proper video about it too, but I don't know how long this will take so, I thought I would share the notes I have written in game, in the journal. I am surprised to say I utilizing it, but it seems like it will be useful if I go back and make a video. SO, if you'd like to take a journey with be while I play this game and share updated notes, then read on! expect spoilers. I will likely post these very randomly as these were notes from the last three days. Depends on how much I write.


The world is quiet as I step into it- led first to the letters of strangers that speak of Oldetown. Its a first introduction to the world I don't know, one I feel I will uncover in the most random and lightest of steps.

Revisiting after so many years, I feel I know where I am. It is familiar. But my memory fails me on the details, and as I pick up another note, I feel like the faintest of my past thoughts are being jogged again. In a world that looks so simple, flat colors, open feilds, you underestimate what you walk towards. Trees tower high above in ways I don't expect until I get closer. I feel so small within this world, but ever more curious.

As I grab my first document unrelated to Oldtown, I remember- Sennin, beacons.. the first step to digging it all up again. For some reason it feels daunting because I know there are so many things to find. over a hundred documents are out there and even then I must string together this vast story myself.

I walk into the evening as sun sets. I plan to walk at night, with a bag full of food to keep me alive. The stars creep over the horizon, and it gets dark. I can't help but chase one thread, wishing to conclude it before starting another. So I follow a string towards Oldtown yet again, into the fog. But I reach vast waters, a lake perhaps. I want to guess it may be lake Keechelus, but not sure. Most leads are pointing across the water, so I must round the edge until I make it over. This lake is surrounded by strange red towers. I walk away from the lake edge out of curiousity- a strange massive clearing of what appears to be the faintest of ruins. And a willow tree, that sticks out. From the Willow, I can see a watch tower upon the hill far off. And now I am sidetracked. There is an infinite amount of time to chase what I please.

The dense morning fog makes it impossible to see the hill, or tower... And the waters that flood that area have me knowing I will freeze to death if I try. So back towards the lake, and the rest of my waiting leads. Back through the woods, I come across trees with beehives, standing out in their bright clearings of the forest.

As I go on, I find a new page. A journal from a man named Anders, and in this spot are various small huts. He describes having come from Bellevue and that this little place has a much nicer town center and welcoming people. He and others lived on the outskirts, in these smaller huts. Further out, ruins of larger buildings become apparent, likely the center of this small town. It seems the journals of someone in Oldtown have appeared after that large, unnatural structures. They describe leaving the current area, to walk through them and explore onward. As I continue, strange structures come into view, topples over.

A new letter found, a speech of some kind. Likely of the man who founded Oldtown. It describes various important things... Oldtown was settled to be different from the existing settlements they came from. to be traditional, not using "deviltech", and promising a free market and jobs for all. There is a religious tone, as it describes looking to the mountain, and heading towards it for their new life. The next document is not far off, in one of the structures. It is a flyer of some kind promoting Oldtown.

"To the hoard massing at the gates of hell" A confusing statement describing people in American doing something. Oldtown begs for people to look away, and join them- likely related to "deviltech" mentioned earlier. It notes grasping at immortality, I think it may be referring to the Beacons and other papers I remember describing immortal people. Implying you can become immortal? I pause on the coast of a large lake, perhaps Sammamish? To fish, before following the Oldtown lead yet again. Awaking in the middle of the night show me the darkest of hours. Blackness, fog, and nothing to be defined.

A new old page from Anders. Describes weening himself off of "the glow". And going to Oldtown, to live and to actually die. I take it he came from the cities, near the beacons that kept everyone Immortal, and has been safely trying to leave it in order to no longer be immortal.

Continueing onward I reach the church of Oldtown. Letters of one of the last people who lived there is left behind, describing why it fell. They describe Ada and Joss having explored and seen things that Oldtown were denying. Glowing pale creatures, people who lived forever, swamps that healed. From Oldtown I leave, following the string for Ada instead in order to learn more about what they found when they left the town.

From here, Ada describes following the "leviathins" or I assume towers, but then describes following 'tendrils', likely what I follow too? Side tracked as I go to fish, I find a different document about beacons and 'truLight.'. It is a case study on the effect of it on humans and whether ro not it is harmful. It definitely confirms that truLight is from the beacons and it healed people, keeping them alive. But the results on animals was sporadic.

As I walk to the shoreline to fish, there is a strange glow to the east. It is hard to tell if it is natural or not. I realign myself with Ada's trail and through the woods, near the orange skeletal towers, I see strange transparent crystals, purple, and I can walk through them. There are some roads, overgrown with grass as well.

Further... more strange crystal shapes, and then a large stone exclosure. Within I find a doc from someone new, someone not from here who has reached this destination I am at after an even called The Fall, which I have seen mentioned before. They found a man here who describes this was a building for BioTech, that genetically modified plants and animals. Whatever they were doing wasn't great, and strange things were let loose from this place after The Fall happened, and its what left these strange crystals.

Also mentioned that the world they found was not hospitable outside of the FIrst Landing. They also describe data logs, and the next thing I find here seems to maybe be one of those. I now am seeing documents on a digital device, from someone else, describing names saying their first words. They don't sound like babies, perhaps AI or robots? Hard to understand this right now. Another describes "Amira" maturing and going off on her own, and how the writer isn't allowed to track her down after, its not allowed. Unsure the implications.

More logs about Subject Amira, all within this ruined Mission Biotech. Next is a brochure for Biotech, describing the choices to modify your pets to live forever with truLight. It seems Amira may likely be one of these pets? Still do not know the answer to the crystals here. I grab the document from Ada which lef me here. It seems Ada and Joss had arrived here afer The Fall as well and saw all of this too. Its hard peiceing together the time, but while they seem to be less educated and of an "older" time, they clearly existed after this previous society with truLight and whatnot. But I am eager to find more about Biotech.

A letter written in neat cursive seems to talk about Biotech as well, after The Fall. Mentioning 'depstone' and strange creatures that came from here. I see the reference to people called Olympians too.

Another letter from the person who met the old man Hugh at the Biotech site after the Fall. They describe leaving First Landing when Hugh finished his research, to join him in Oregon. Words about returning to First Landing, and how Dame Maya seemed to say that would be the case, that they were cursed to go back there. At this point the answers I want to have are.. What was The Fall? Who are these people from the First Landing? As I understand, Oldtown were people who left that previous society with beacons. It seemed they had been around long enough that people like Ada and Joss had never seen this life, and evidence of it was mostly gone aside from creatures and ruins.

A new letter describes two cities here being seperated by a collapsed bridge, and the one across the water growing large due to having a beacon, while the one here grew small. It seems I have now collected all there is on the subject "Mission". Following Ada, I find a new map, showing the area I have wandered recently, crystals, towers, lake.